Thursday, March 12, 2009

Week 11 of 2009

I wrote the follow email to my office today. It's a true story.

It's not going so hot, similar to the 10 weeks prior. I am not going to be able to make it in today; I guess the $500 I spent fixing my car last month and the $1000 two months before that just isn't enough to keep it running safely. Last night on my way home from a much too late meeting in Kirkland a VERY large truck decided to drive mostly in my lane, as opposed to the lane next to me which he was also driving in. Because of my desire to stay alive, I had to swerve and slammed on my brakes (naturally, with my semi-road rage i simultaneously laid on the horn), causing my sweet little manual car to stall half way off the road, about 1 mile from my house, in the middle of a 1 mile long 500 ft elevation hill. When I restarted my car, after subduing outrage that gets you nowhere when alone in a car, my check engine light flashed repeatedly; notifying me that my car is not safe to drive and is about to explode.

It was awesome (I hope you sense my sarcasm).

I proceeded home, topping out around 10 mph with my car jerking all over the place. I think it didn't want to drive anymore and was trying to pull itself over. When I got home, Garrin said that slamming on your brakes can sometimes shake something loose. Sounds safe right? He told me to try it again in the morning.

This morning after sleeping a mere 5 hours, I quickly got ready for the day and made my way down to scrape the opaque layer off of my cool 18 degree car. Making my way out of my development, the check engine light started flashing at me again like a liquored up coed on Fat Tuesday. As I continued at a speedily coast around 5 mph, my car began jerking again. I called Garrin and he suggested that I turn back around before something worse happens.

Which brings me to now; sitting on the floor in my bedroom, writing you this email to let you know that I am trapped in my 650sq ft apartment again. Just like I was in December. I have enough little projects to work on from home today, if that is ok. I may be emailing some of you to forward me documents that I know are on the Pool or in recent emails.

Feel free to call me if you need anything, I will be sitting at home, alone, reading and following up on emails.

Drive safely out there, watch out for large trucks.



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Sassy Sarah said...

This is probably the best email I've ever read. No joke. I love the liquored up coed on Fat Tuesday comparison. Makes my heart laugh. Sorry about your car.