Monday, August 18, 2008

You want more, huh?

So, everyone tells me that I need to "blog" more often. But I like to write when I have something funny or enlightening to say. I am worried that if I start to blog more, you might find out how angry I really am. It is hard to find things to write about when life is a little boring. I mean, you would think that I would have all sorts of things to write about in my first year of marriage, but to honest, it's been a rough one.

Right before Garrin and I got married last September, his grandmother passed away down in Nevada. We went down there for the funeral, and so I could meet the family. It was very bittersweet. We got married about a month later and began our lives together.

Garrin is wonderful; let me start with that. He loves me more than I deserve and puts up with much more than I am worth. He lets me whine, and leave my shoes out. He will stay in bed and cuddle with me when I have to sleep in late from being up all night because of his snoring. All of my married friends told me that getting married is "like a slumber party with your best friend, every night!" Or "you will get to see each other so much more."

It is funny how when you get married, no one ever tells you that it is hard. No one ever told me about how I would have trouble sleeping because there will be someone else in my bed who sweats when it is above 65 degrees. Or that all of the sudden you will have to pick up someone elses' dishes and do their vacuuming. Or ask if you can go out with friends after work. Plus, I think that we actually see each other less, now that we are married. Garrin works from 6am-6pm and I work from 4:30pm-7am. if you look at the times, you can see that we just barely miss each other each day. This week, we will not see each other from early Monday morning when he leaves for work, till he gets home from Drill late Wednesday night. Sometimes, it is almost more like we are roommates. You know, the good kind that you never see. But that is not so good when that roommate is your husband. It can be pretty tough to keep a strong marital bond, when your most frequent form of communication is on the phone.

Neither of us are really phone talkers.

Since Garrin's grandmother passed away last August, we have had his other grandma, his uncle and my great grandma pass as well. It has been a year full of death and loss for us. But, thankfully we are doing it together. Well, as much as we can when we don't see each other. Regardless of how hard it gets, it is definitely worth it.