Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm not pregnant, so please stop asking.

I really need to get better at this writing stuff...

I certainly have a lot of friends who are pregnant, have children or are lucky enough for both. But does that mean that selfish me and my busy husband have to rush in to popping out little guys? I may not be prego, but I definitely have been suffering from some symptoms.

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. Last night I dreamt that I was laying in bed, after Garrin left for work (like I always do), and there was a very large man working on something in our kitchen. With our bedroom door open, the bed is a straight eye-shot from the kitchen sink. So, this big guy started taking pictures of me, while I was half asleep. In my dream, I shot out of bed and yelled "stop taking pictures of me you fat bastard!"

Crazy 'eh? It gets weirder.

So, he walks out the front door and I follow him down the breeze way of our second floor apartment and as he reached the stairwell, he looked at me, smirked and jumped over the railing. When I ran to the edge to look below I found him smack-dab on the hood of a car below.


I looked down to find my phone and call the police, when I looked up, he was half way down the parking lot, laughing to himself as he walked away. My heart was racing because of the confusion, I shouted to him to stop. He kept walking, backwards, while looking at me towards the busy road beyond. I cinched and saw him get thrown by one car passing by and run completely over by the next.

Then I shot up out of bed, for real.

I think these crazy dreams have been keeping me from sleeping well because, whoo doggy! Am I tired! It is funny how just because I am married and tired a lot that everyone automatically assumes that I am preggers. Not really funny ha-ha, anymore; maybe the first time or two. But I just get tired, I work crazy hours and never sleep.

Otherwise, life has been great since getting married. Poor Garrin got married to a crazy lady who doesn't sleep, has wicked mood swings and bakes way too many treats for any ones waist line. Me? I got married to a wonderful man who puts up with my uncontrollable bouts of sleep that hit me like a train every couple of weeks; which always seem to be on our days off so we don't get to spend time together, puts up with my random cry attacks; the ones that come out of nowhere while watching UFC, Family Guy or Reno 911, because I am too sarcastic to ever show real emotion.

He is a pretty cool dude and I certainly lucked out. Plus, my parents love the guy, so I guess I really gotta keep him, now.

I do have to say though, that I really miss my friends. Marriage is wonderful, but sometimes you need a girlfriend to talk to. I have a couple that frequent, and they are amazing, but I miss my friends from Florida and college. It makes me sad that we don't keep in touch as well. I think that the blame goes both ways and that I have fallen off the face of the earth, a little, how everyone one does when they acquire a spouse, but I think that people also push you out of that world you were in before. They think that you are busier than you are and tune you out. Sad, sad, SAD, I say!

I'm still cool even though I'm married. I mean seriously folks, I don't even have kids yet!

I promise, there is no bun in this oven.