Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Only Sleeping

I have a bit of a confession. If possible, I would lay in bed 10-18 hours a day with the lights out and buried under layers of handmade afghans and flannel sheets; I love to sleep. On days that Garrin works, around 4:30-5 am I do everything in my power to stay asleep when he ruffles the blankets and unknowingly shakes me awake 5-15 hours earlier than I would like. Even more, when attempts are made to restore me to my cozy state of slumber, as thoughtful as his are, it's just not the same. Something that all closet over-sleeper's know is that disrupted sleep, regardless of how much time you are able to squeeze out of your bed, is never the same as a choosing to wake up hours after the sun has fully emerged over the horizon.

With that said, I don't even know that I could rightfully call myself an over-sleeper. I really only need 5-6 hours in my happy dream-land of sloom, that some call a bed, to function properly; but in all reality, I would lay in bed for days on end casually flirting with both sinking deeper into my bed and productively utilizing my day. Because the obligations of life call louder than Qwest Field during playoffs, I am unnaturally forced to the latter.

If nothing got in my way, I would choose peacefully laying in bed all day over most anything; eating, social interaction, watching Friends... Well, that last one might actually take a very close second.