Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Break-Up

Dear Yetta the Jetta,

You were my first love (that I ever purchased with my own money), and we have some fantastic memories. But I think we both know what is coming. Do you remember when we began? The sky was clear and the cool winter was coming to an end that last day of my 20th year; March 5th, 2001. I can even remember where we were; Redmond, Washington, and what you were wearing; a sleek, freshly buffed silver coat that really showed off your curves. You were my dream whip.

We have been through a lot over the past 4 years. Do you remember when I turned 21 the day after we met and I let Steph drive you around downtown Seattle? I'm sorry about that. I only let it happen one other time, and we both know that I was really sick. But there is no excuse. I was really pretty good at not letting others take you by the wheel. No one could shift you like I could.

The road trips were always your favorite. Seattle to Salt Lake to Rexburg to Redding to Reno; it never mattered where we were going as long as you were on the open road and given the opportunity to exceed 35mpg, you were happy. Even that time that we were coming home from a couple months away in Salt Lake and you dislocated your passenger window. It cost me a pretty penny and took a professional to put it back in place. But I think you were just being stubborn and wanted to feel the fresh air blow through your slick leather seats during the ride. All along I thought that was what your moon roof was for.

I still feel guilty for that Thanksgiving Day that I had to go to work in Seattle. I think you know which one I am talking about, in 2006. Up until last week I was still finding glass shards from your drivers side window that stupid crook shamelessly shattered. And I was reminded constantly how he violently tore your stereo out and tossed it across the pavement when he was caught. It was like he tore your heart out. I reinstalled it as soon as I could, but it never was the same; always skipping beats and scratching cd's. I have thought about apologizing for all the times I hit your dash, but I did it for you. I never wanted to hurt you, just get your stereo back on beat when it skipped cd's for no reason.

You are a tough little cookie! You were roughed up a few times by other cars who thought that they were stronger, but you always made it away without even a scratch. And I know that you know that none of those incidents were my fault. I cared too much to ever put you in danger. In fact, whenever another car tried to pick a fight with you, I was scared to drive for weeks.

There were definitely more good times then bad. I think we both fell in love with Garrin and his VW at the same time. They sure are cute, aren't they?

All this said, we both know where our relationship stands. Over the past 6 months you have been blowing me off and have been way too high maintenance. I no longer can afford to buy you new accessories or to send you away to the mechanic for a week. It's time to break-up. Garrin has found someone new for me. He/she doesn't have a name yet, but suffice it to refer to it as a brand new Honda CR-V.

You can't give me all that it can. You can't drive in the snow, or play my iPod. I broke 700 miles in it the other day, you were beyond 122,000. My new friend has that distinct new car smell and is a pristine white. I must admit that I will miss your unique scent of crayon, but I think it's worth it.

Thank you for all the good times, the lessons and the miles. You will be missed.

Warmest regards,
Melissa Margot Tuttle
Your former owner


Andrea, Hunter, & Colten said...

This is cute!!

Sassy Sarah said...

Haha... awesome. So, a new CR-V, huh? Can't wait to see it!

Jamie said...

Oh Mel. I miss you and your fantastic self.

KALI said...

That is so funny, I love remembering my old cars. I can't wait to check out your new ride!

Kristen Smith said...

this is hilarious! I love it...especially because i have a jetta and need to trade her in! I may just have to copy your post when I do! :]

{do you miss the crayon smell?! i totally will!}